SportsMap SPAC

We are a blank check company seeking a private company in the sports tech space with whom we can partner to take public. New technologies are transforming the sports industry. Key trends include the use of wearables, data analytics, new methods of fan engagement and new esports and gambling platforms. These developments are creating attractive, high-growth opportunities. According to Grand View Research, the global sports technology, or sports tech, market in the U.S. is forecast to grow from $12 billion in 2021 to over $36 billion in 2028, a compound annual growth rate of 16.8%.

Our plan is to tap into the backgrounds, experiences and relationships of our board and management team to capture the opportunity in sports tech.

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Sports Tech Categories

We will focus our efforts in four categories of sports tech.

Fan Engagement

Technologies are enhancing the fan experience. Examples include new media platforms, specialized content, virtual and augmented reality, smart stadiums, and online communities. Fans can now connect with their sports in new and exciting ways.

Health and Wellness

This category includes wearables and other data analytics that are improving the way that athletes and fitness enthusiasts train, perform, recover, and monitor their well-being. Businesses feature hardware, including new workout equipment and post-workout devices, and software for instruction and workout coaching, analysis, and feedback.


This is one of the fastest growing categories in sports tech. Esports features new games, teams, tournament platforms, and businesses providing sponsorship opportunities for this high-growth category. Much of what has traditionally taken place in the physical realm is now taking place virtually as well.

Fantasy Sports and Gambling

Increasing acceptance and legalization of gambling have created exciting new business models. These span content and information, tools for making bets, and new digital platforms for fantasy and gambling. In-game betting will change the way fans watch sports, some refer to this as the gamification of sports.

Across all these categories, technology is enabling interconnectedness, social interaction, new communities, improved health, subscriber-based business models, software as a service, and new revenue streams. We believe innovation through technology in sports presents a compelling opportunity.

Our Approach

We intend to seek target companies with the following criteria:

  1. High Growth Strategic Position: We intend to search for targets having a strong strategic position which are poised for rapid growth and value creation.
  2. Management: We intend to look for companies with quality management teams, capable of running a public entity, and/or we will augment the team to support the demands of transitioning from a private to public company.
  3. Our Value-Add: We envision our management team will be able to provide strategic and/or management expertise to the target company.
  4. Needs: We expect a target company will likely have a need for growth capital, liquidity and potentially benefit from higher multiples in the public markets.